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SF Tidbits for 6/29/06

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  1. Superman-related essay by Karen Haber called Clark Kent Just Gets Better Looking Every Day.

    Now, however, it’s time to sit up and pay attention to Clark. It is my contention that Clark Kent, Superman’s daytime alter ego, not Superman himself, has emerged as the more interesting and intriguing character in both the comics and electronic media. Yes, Clark Kent possesses a humanity that is far more interesting than the death-defying feats of his super-powered persona. Clark Kent is the real man behind the Man of Steel. Happily, the comic book writers agree with me: recent plotlines have been distinctly Kent-centric. How did this happen?

    The reason why is becouse stan lee invented Peter Parker/Spiderman and any other reason that this person gives besides “Spiderman” is pure and utter BS.

    Note: I glimsed at the rest of the article and like 3 pages down there is a mention of Alan Moore…Jesus H…please don’t waste your time with this overly long, overly inflated, pile of crap.

  2. Please add to the list publisher Jim Baen, of Baen Books, died yesterday.

  3. Hey! Denardo!

    The link to Cover Story is wrong.

    Wrong wrong wrong.

    Fix it.


  4. James, I’ve added a new post.

    JP, Did someone take away your editing rights?

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