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SF Tidbits for 6/7/06

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2 Comments on SF Tidbits for 6/7/06

  1. The Cory in Radio Shack link was hilarious. I like Cory and think he’s on the right track but I still found it funny.

    But there are some Canadian bloggers who resent the fact that their nation’s no 1 blogger is so left wing.

  2. It’s not every day that something sounding like science fiction makes the top 10 in Squidoo’s politics category. But that’s just what happened yesterday when readers clicked on to hear how the year 2000 US Presidential voting began in Dixville Notch, NH precisely as the last 666th fraction of the official Greenwich 20th Century arrived. We all know what followed soon after with the Florida vote count.

    More uncanniness is also revealed on the site, with reality mirroring science fiction, including a Sixth Day of the Sixth Month of the Sixth year timing of Al Gore’s global warming film gala in DC relative to the moment in time when the Supreme Court removed all possibility of his becoming the 43rd President.

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