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BBC 7 is airing an audio rendition of “Shambleau” by C.L. Moore in three, 30-minute parts. The story is about “a space bounty-hunter who lives to regret rescuing a young woman from attack.” This is Moore’s first story and was written in 1933.

If you can’t wait you can read it in glorious French!

A few years ago, I happened upon the Gnome Press edition of the collection Shambleau and Others. It’s a beautiful reproduction of the original 1953 book. It comes in it’s own sturdy carboard sleeve and earns a spot on my precious shelf.

Just don’t ask me if I’ve read it yet. πŸ™‚

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3 Comments on Shambleau

  1. You can also read Shambleau in glorious English if you pick up The World Turned Upside Down from Baen Books.

    First several stories in the collection are free online:

  2. C.L. Moore was an exceptionally good writer, and “Shambleau” was a powerful story. I hope the BBC version is aired here in the US at some point. Is the BBC lauching a new series of radio dramatizations?

  3. Lee, if I’m interpreting your comments correctly, the link (which I have updated) points to an audio drama that you will be able to access via the Internet. It’s only available for a limited time before they remove it.

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