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Star Trek Given The Battlestar Galactica Treatment

Given the success of the re-imagined Galactica, could Star Trek, the original series, benefit from the same treatment? We may never know, but in 2004 Bryce Zabel (Dark Skies and JMS (Babylon 5), created a document that would effectively re-boot the Star Trek franchise, starting with the orignal series. New actors would be cast to fill the same character roles, and a new underlying mystery would have been added to the five-year mission. The document is linked in the middle of the post and gives more details. The actual over-arching five-year story arc is very Babylon 5-ish (not surprising) and the fact there is a mystery behind the mission has some X-Files and B5 flavor. It sounds intriguing, although I think the actual ‘mystery’ has been done to death in SF, but, if anyone can pull it off, it would have been Joe Straczynski.

But that leads me to a question. Do we really need to re-imagine Star Trek to get the SF fans back, in a big way, to broadcast TV? Why couldn’t the underlying story be adapted for a new universe? Are the TV SF fans so enamored of Star Trek that only Star Trek can make it on TV, even today? I’d argue no. SF fans in particular are open to new and interesting things. We want something exciting and cool on TV. There is no SF show on TV currently that fits the exploration/adventure mold of Star Trek. I’d love to see something like that, but not necessarily Trek based. It could be anything really, as long as it has good stories and characters, oh, and uses stories written by honest-to-goodness SF authors. You know, the people who make their living writing the stuff. How much more compelling could you get?

Anyway, I’m resigned to the belief that there will probably never be a quality TV series of that type on TV. Now, with the advent of the internet and the power of today’s computers and software, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that something like my imagined series could be produced by amateurs. The problem here would be the writing and acting, but who knows, maybe something like this will break out and be the next big thing in SF TV. But I’m not holding my breath.

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6 Comments on Star Trek Given The Battlestar Galactica Treatment

  1. joshua corning // June 19, 2006 at 8:58 pm //

    my idea would be star trek unlimited in which you could use characters and actors from next gen, voyager and ds but only some of them some of the time in short story arcs set in the star trek universe…presumably after voyager came home.

  2. Any series that leaves something to be desired can benefit from a “re-imagining” if said re-imagining is better than what came before. Or, put more succinctly: if there is room for improvement, there is room for improvement. (I think that’s probably the most profound thing I said all year. That and “Your skin…it’s so smooth, Ms. Beckinsale.”) With all the moaning people did over Enterprise, I would say Star Trek would do quite well with a re-imagining. Remember how we complained on this very blog about the idea of a BSG remake before we saw one frame of film?

    That said, it depends on who’s in creative control. Someone who does not own a suit would be qualification #1. Someone with a love and understanding of sf is also required. I like the idea of sf writers doing the scripting, like old Twilight Zone and new Outer Limits episodes.

    Some things, though, are better left alone. Do we need or want a re-imagined Firefly? Heaven Forbid! You shouldn’t mess with perfection, I reckon.

  3. I’d start by re-imagining most of the former creative team out of their jobs.


  4. Funny thing about a “Star Trek Unlimited”. If you want to do ship battles, take a look for a game called Full Thrust (the rules are available as free downloads). There are a ton of websites (including one called Star Ranger) in which you can get stats for ST, SW, B5 and other ships for the game. Why stop with ST eras? How about ST vs. SW? B5 vs. Serenity?

    SF Unlimited!!!!


  5. Greg Lindenberg // June 20, 2006 at 1:35 pm //

    Babylon 5 was WAY overrated. Some names I would trust not to ruin Trek: Ron Moore, Nicholas Meyer, Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams. But it’s WAY too early to have such a discussion (it needs a couple decades of rest, like Battlestar Galactica). And I’d rather have more Firefly from Whedon, anyway.

  6. B5 wasn’t overrated. As far as its story is concerned, it is one of the best scifi stories of all time (in both written and filmed media). The execution was mediocre but the story IMO outshown most of the flaws it had. That said, I think they should just leave Trek alone. To redo it BG or B5 style would take too much away from the spirit of Starfleet, I predict.

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