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Superman Tidbits

As is the way, stories are surfacing related to an upcoming summer blockbuster. Here are a few items that have cropped up thanks to next week’s release of Superman Returns.

  • Screen Rant points to a two-and-a-half minute clip from Superman Returns. It looks cool for all the reasons Vic @ Screen Rant mentions. I got the same cool vibe I got when I saw Superman: The Movie and Superman II in my youth. Funny thing with those movies was they didn’t quite hold up on recent re-viewings with my daughter. There were some dialogue and suspension of disbelief issues that I just didn’t catch when I was eleven. Yet now my older (and more critical) eyes are looking forward to Superman Returns.
  • Superman expert Tom DeHaven is looking forward to Superman Returns as he completes his Superman-related book for Yale Univerty Press’ American Icon series.
  • The National Geographic Channel will be airing The Science of Superman.
  • Flixens offers The Real Heroes of Superman, an 8-part series, So far: Parts one, two, three, four and five. (Okay, this one’s a semi-repeat, but part 5 is new. So there.)
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