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Superman TV (And Other Shows)

So you’ve decided the new Superman is too much of a ‘pretty boy’ Hollywood type as we all know Supes would be the rugged type, not Mr. Smooth as portrayed in the new movie. If only you could somehow watch the old Max Fleischer Superman cartoons somewhere….

Well fear not, now you can! AOL’s IN2TV site is now showing Superman TV. Along with episodes of the Fleischer penned Superman, they have the orginal Superman TV show along with some of the newer incarnations. Too bad they don’t have any of the Cartoon Network Superman, but you can’t expect everything for free. Note that you will have to watch annoying ads before seeing the episodes and the resolution is rather small. But, if you’re really adventurous, you can download the Hi-Q plug-in and see them in full screen, if you’ve been beaten down by the Man and IE 6.0 or later. Those of us choosing to fight for a better tomorrow via Firefox are SOL. But, darn it, full screen episodes of Freakazoid is just soooo tempting,not to mention Brisco County Jr. and Babylon 5…

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