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UPDATED: EW’s “Must” List

UPDATE: Whoops! Forgot one: The “Must” Audiobook.

The latest Entertainment Weekly (double issue #884/#885), which contains their “Must List”, contains some entries of note for genre fans:

  • “Must” Revivalist: Neil Gaiman (The Eternals)
  • “Must” Love Machines: The Cylons of Battlestar Galactica – Grace Park (Sharon), Tricia Helfer (Number Six) and Lucy Lawless (D’Anna Biers).
  • “Must” Comic Book: Rocketo by Frank Espinosa.
  • “Must” Audiobook: A Scanner Darkly read by Paul Giamatti.
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4 Comments on UPDATED: EW’s “Must” List

  1. just bought and read Eternals #1…havne’t got a comic book in a long time…but i liked sandman way back when so i thought to give gieman’s return to comic books a look.

    The best description would be lackluster…but it is the first of 6 and it seems that the characters needed some introduction…but shouldn’t introductions be interesting and distict?

  2. Bummer. And an interesting dilemma. Will you give it a chance and buy the next one or call it quits?

  3. Yeah I will give it a chance…the wierdest thing is that the story appears to be a tie in with some huge marvel universe plot…”secret wars 3″ or something…i didn’t imagine Geiman going for soemhting like that…

  4. Mmmmm Grace Park…. You had me at “boomer” 🙂

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