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Enhancing Star Trek

Taking a page from George Lucas’ book, Daren Dochterman took a few minutes from the original Star Trek episode, “The Doomsday Machine”, and enhanced it. Basically, he re-did all the SFX shots he could and composited them into the old show’s footage. The result looks quite impressive, especially considering this was done by one person. One guy did the work of the entire SFX crew (well, models and exterior shots mostly) of the original series.

The brings up an interesting question. Aside from the fiasco of Greedo shooting first, I think the Star Wars updates were alright to useful. But Star Wars wasn’t as dated looking as Star Trek. Would Star Trek benefit from an enhancement effort of this sort or is the look of the old show part of the charm? Personally, I like the updated SFX as they aren’t in your face different and hew to the look and feel of the original, while adding some flair. Apparently Paramount had already been approached to do something like this and had passed on it. I’m not sure doing this for a DVD release would be practical, but could there be a deal worked out with a cable network to split the cost and re-air the old shows with the enhancement? (I’m looking at Spike TV here. Them and their Star Trek 2.0 nonsense.) I think it could breathe some life back into the old show.

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  1. I’m not overly interested myself but I imagine this is the sort of thing that fans might very well do themselves over the next decade if the studios don’t do it now. I’d be more interested in watching the latter than the former.

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