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Eureka: First Impressions

I caught the pilot of Eureka. I think it’s best described as Twin Peaks (or Northern Exposure) meets The Twilight Zone – think weird happenings in a small town setting. (Hmmm, maybe even more like Asimov’s Probe – remember that one?)

The very likable protagonist, Jack Carter – for all his smarmy charm and wit – may as well be called Jack O’Neill. The townsfolk are suitably quirky for a bunch of Braniacs. They didn’t keep the covers on the town’s secret too long, which was nice, and seem to have set up some cross-episode story arcs – also nice but let’s hope that those arcs don’t become the focus of the show.

Could it be another decent sf show? I hate to get my hopes up. But I will be catching some more episodes.

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10 Comments on Eureka: First Impressions

  1. I remember Probe! I loved that show; it was too bad that it came on the air just as the writer’s strike began.

    We didn’t finish the pilot yet, but the show does seem to have potential. (As did the equations Archimedes was writing on the sidewalk.)

  2. I loved it. I agree about the Twin Peaks (or Northern Exposure) meets The Twilight Zone comparison. Because the show is starting out on SciFi, I think the chance of an premature cancellation is slim. Hopefully the story line doesn’t get stale and we get an explosion of the week from Henry. For a Sci-Fi original, I’m impressed on first look.

  3. Explosion of the week?

    I’m in. Now I just have to watch it.

  4. Is this puppy getting repeated? We had one major t-storm here and there was no TV watching or computing done!


  5. Ohhh…Friday at 7:00 PM (he said, answering himself). Up against “Good Eats”. That’s not good.


  6. Time for dual-tuner Tivo Fred!

  7. Not that I condone such activities – but you could also look to bittorrent it. But I would never do that – nope never!!!:-@

  8. Ummm…well, I’m the last person in the US who is on dialup (And the man manages to blog as much as he does–over 7,000 postings–on a dialup? Will wonders never cease?), so bittorrent is probably not an option. As for Tivo-mania, not at the prices my satellite company charges!

    It’s on a few other times according to the schedule. I’ll catch it. Hey, at least they didn’t claim all inventions were the result of reverse-engineered alien technology! (Or will that be a future episode, when the explosion of the week slows down?)

  9. A real winner of an opening episode. I am under no illusions that this show will ultimately fail, but I’mma enjoy while it lasts.

    Loved the kid on the sidewalk.

  10. I’d say its somewhere between a 3.5 and a 4. I didn’t have any realy issues with the story until we got to the reveal about what the machine was. Then it went off the rails with tachyon technobabble. Yeesh.

    Otherwise, smart ass humor, hawt psych chicks and nice SF elements will definately make me want to tune in.

    And did anyone catch the BG promo for season 3? Wow. When is October again?

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