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Now Serving Recent Comment Feeds

With the recent host move, our Recent Comment feeds started working. Links to the feeds are on the main page’s left sidebar in the News Feeds widget.

If you get the same thrill I do when people stop by to contribute or slam my Blade Runner review, then you can either subscribe via Yahoo or subscribe via Bloglines.

If your not already signed up for the entry feeds, you can do that, too, via Yahoo, Bloglines or FeedBurner.

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5 Comments on Now Serving Recent Comment Feeds

  1. Congratulations! 🙂

    Do you also plan to add, when you have the time, per-post comment feeds?

  2. That’s a great idea! We’ll look into that.

    Now that things are working better at the new host (for the most part – there is still an MTAmazon plugin issue I’m working with them), we can start looking more seriously at these added features.

  3. Yaron, I tried implementing this but it’s not working. After talking with the web host, we know why.

    This feature is implemented by creating an individual XML file for every entry. Thus, building individual entries builds an HTML file and an XML file. Doing so doubles the build time, which, unfortunately, exceeds the processor limits set by the web host. We’ll revisit this again in the future, but for now it looks like we won’t have individual entry feeds.

  4. While technically true, it doesn’t seem to make much sense.

    Yes, when a comment is added MT works by rebuilding the html file for the entry. And so yes, a comment feed will require building the XML file again too. But that’s a small and light file, which doesn’t require information not in the HTML file anyway. And it’s only changed once when someone posts a comment.

    The additional cost of generating it isn’t much different from what it would be to generate the regular html if someone just wrote a longer comment…

    Which is to say, if this would really hit a CPU limit set by your hosts, ensure that you won’t have a problem generating the actual pages if the site gets slightly more traffic than it does today. Because it means you’re probably very close to the limit already. Which shouldn’t be the case if you’re running something as standard as MT.

    I, and your other readers, can survive without a per-post comment feed. But if the comments and posts themselves won’t appear, that would be a bigger problem.

  5. For an individual post, yes, that’s true. But the initial “build all entries” is the killer. However, let me investigate this one some more.

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