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SF Tidbits for 7/14/06

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3 Comments on SF Tidbits for 7/14/06

  1. put up a nice version of MacDonald’s Lilith a few days ago. I suggest checking there on a regular basis. Gutenberg puts up a book, usually in just a couple of formats (Plucker, HTML, text). Memoware’s volunteers take those and then put them up in multiple formats (PalmDoc, PalmReader, TomeRaider, others). There is also a significant amount of free new/original stuff. Alas, most of it is worth about what you pay for it!


  2. Watch out for newstories on BS:G some of them give so much away in the headlines that it seems kind of silly that the first paragraph says something like “Warning: Mild Spoilers for Third Season Follow.”


  3. George MacDonald’s fairy tales are some of the best fantasy ever written IMHO. The best of them is “The Golden Key.” but the others are all worth a read.

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