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SF Tidbits for 7/28/06

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15 Comments on SF Tidbits for 7/28/06

  1. I have to vote for one???? Aww crap, well Boomer – you owe me dammit!!!

    One question, how the heck did Ruth Buzzi make the list??? But she is beating out a couple other folks – go Ruth go 🙂

  2. No Caroline Munro? Gee, well, that keeps my vote out.



  3. No Caroline Munro?

  4. Curse your links. I broke down and voted for hottest SF babe and now I feel ashamed at my geekiness.

  5. One problem with the SF Babe poll is that it is top-heavy (so to speak) with women from the late 80’s on. No Wilma Deering or Princess Ardala, among others.

    Hmm, I smell a reader challenge here, similar to what John did at TexasBestGrok….

  6. Oh, and for those of you wonder who Caroline Munro is, she was the helicopter pilot babe in The Spy Who Loved Me, but she did a lot of camp horror flicks….

  7. JP – I’ve been meaning to get back into the poll business. Seeing someone else’s subpar attempt (Ruth Buzzi???) to enter the marketspace I once dominated may just be the incentive I need…

  8. 😉 SF Signal’s tidbits…making the Web a better place.™

  9. And, she vaulted herself to the top of SF Queendom by her sterling performance in Starcrash, a.k.a., The Adventures of Stella Star!!!!

    Hmmmmm….Caroline Munro….

  10. And who can forget Caroline Munro’s sterling performance as Dia the Beautiful in the film adaptation of ERB’s 1914 blockbuster AT THE EARTH’s CORE? Or as Margiana the Slavegirl in GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD?

    (Is it my imagination or were the bad, campy, poorly-done fantasy movies in the old days better than the bad, campy, poorly-done fantasy movies of today? I mean, given a choice, if I had to strapped into a seat with Clockwork-Orange style eye-lid-opening wires glued to my face, I’d rather see Peter Cushing and Doug Maclure beating up on phoney looking Mahars than the antics of the crew in THE CORE, a modern center-of-the-earth pic. Both are worse epics than JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH with Arlene Dahl and James Mason. The modern cartoon version of SINBAD was nice, I guess, if you like Sinbad stories that take place in ancient Greece, but the Ray Harryhousen epic, for all its drawnbacks, manages to capture something of the ellusive quality of otherworldly adventure, of wonder, of mystery, that fans of exotic stories have sought since H. Rider Haggard invented the genre. I mean, six-armed statues of Kali come to life and swordfight our heroes! Dr. Who as an evil warlock-prince of Arabia! Caroline Munro! What more can anyone ask?)

  11. Ray Harryhausen rocks. Caroline Munro was great in that flick, heck I love all his flicks.

    I forgot about At the Earth’s Core. The only redeeming qualities of that film were Caroline and Peter Cushing. I really prefer the book (the story was better) and Doug McClure was too “beefy” for your typical ERB hero.

    And now that we’ve totally hijacked this thread and turned it into a Caroline Munro fan club…


  12. That’s what we’re here for. Apparently. 😉

  13. Did anyone here but me think there was something … odd … about Charles Stross’ interview on

    ” … the rhetoric of “hard sf” versus “soft sf” strikes me as some kind of ludicrous hang-over from the origins of Hugo Gernsback’s new genre, back when it was the agitprop — political propaganda — arm of a political movement, Technocracy.”

    “Kim Stanley Robinson …. is consistently one of the most interesting ‘hard’ SF writers currently working the field, even if he’s ideologically at loggerheads with the old-fashioned Stalinist mankind uber alles attitude of the hard SF tide pool in general.”

    Who is he calling a Stalinist, again, exactly? What political movement does he think Gernbeckian Space Opera was agit-propping for?

  14. Thank you for linking to the interview. Very kind of you.

  15. And why is he calling KSR a hard SF author? I always thought of him being more interested in the social aspects of things, i.e., “soft SF”.

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