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So you want to be a superhero?

Yes its true our friends over at SciFi Channel have decided to gift us with yet another crappy reality tv show, but this one involves Stan Lee and superheroes. I am guessing they are going for some comedic value here since this is almost too cheesy to believe. But it beats tuning into wrestling when you are expecting a rerun of Eureka. Anyways, I read through some of the biographies about our new potential heros, and after finishing a couple of these DC tie in novels, they missed a few potentially great superhero names – Okay so JP actually thought of them – but I did come up with some really funny dialog!!! I have tried to list a few here along with key catch phrases as needed:

  • General Malaise – “Meh!!!”
  • Kid Lethargy – “5 more minutes…”
  • Grievious Injury – “MEDIC!!!”

I wonder if our creative readers can help with a few more – remember humor counts folks.

2 Comments on So you want to be a superhero?

  1. Well, there’s Captain Akimbo, who just sort of stands there.

    Then there’s the boy with the ability to freshen the air. I call him Prima-Teen.

    Am alcoholic Norse god called Thunderdrunk.

  2. You are so going to watch that show, I know it. Either live or you’ll be burning up the torrent search engines…

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