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The Ark, A New Animated CGI Short

The Ark is a new, animated CGI short that should be released in the next few months. It’s the story of mankind running from a deadly virus, and doing so on giant oil tankers. Some of the shots in the Gallery are stunning. The entire film has a very distinctive look and now I’d like to see it. Actually finding it may be a problem as I don’t know where you can actually see short films here in Houston. There are several Oscar nominated films from last year I’d like to see, but I have no clue how to find them. Note to film makers, we at SFSignal would love to review your films! (hint hint).

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  1. I highly suggest taking any opportunity to see The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello. It was up for an Oscar last year though I’m not sure why it didn’t win. It was clearly my favorite. It is a dark fantasy/steam punk out some Australian animation studio and it seemed like it could be something written by Mieville. I absolutely loved and had been meaning to mention it on here before but until this post, I never made the effort. If there aren’t any screenings nearby, you can purchase the DVD here,

    Remember the price is listed in Australian dollars so it’s actually a little less in US but still around $15-20. At 40 minutes length, perhaps not worth the price of a DVD but well worth the price of any shorts screenings for this one alone.

  2. The Ark looks cool. So does Jasper Morello. Thanks for the tip, Broky!

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