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Be the Next William Shatner

William Shatner is running a promotional contest through his DVD club where contestants can upload a short video proving why they are the biggest Sci-Fi fan. Video submissions are posted on where other people can watch the videos and vote for their favorites. The winner gets to be the new spokesperson for the DVD club.

Take a look at the video submissions.

[via Slice of SciFi]

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11 Comments on Be the Next William Shatner

  1. Mr. Shatner is going to be roasted (as in the comedic sense as compared to over an open fire version) on Comedy Central on August 20.

  2. Which episode is that pic of crazy Shatner from? It’s killing me.

  3. Not sure. JP? (Our resident Trek expert.)

    It looks like he’s practicing for the “Khaaaaaaan!” he would so memorably deliver some 20 years later.

  4. Isn’t that the parallel world/universe episode where there is a good Kirk and an evil Kirk and the evil Spock has a beard . . . yeah I can’t recall all the epsiode names now that I am old and feable . . .

  5. The Enemy Within!

    THANK YOU. It was eating my brain. Now I can rest.


  6. No, the one where brains get eaten is “Operation: Annihilate!”


  7. Doh! JP was right, the episode I was thinking of was “Mirror, Mirror”. But I think the “Enemy Within” is the one that pic is from . . . *sigh* I said I was getting old . . .

  8. ..and feeble.

  9. Thanks . . . thanks for the help John . . . and apparently following with the theme I misspelled “feeble”. Too lazy to go back and correct the post . . . :-S

  10. Yeah, I’m surprised Fred wasn’t all over you for that and misspelling episode as “epsiode”. Not that he’s into pointing out other people’s flaws or anything… :^)

  11. Now, John, I only point out spelling mistakes for certain SF Signal operators. For others, I make helpful suggestions about wrapping fish and forward news stories that will crush their hearts. I’m still working on modus operandi for the other SF Signal operators…

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