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Damn You, Time Warner

TV Week is reporting that Firefly will be debuting on Universal HD in September and that WB is re-mastering the current prints into 1080i HD format. Too bad Time Warner doesn’t carry Universal HD, I’d love to see it in HD. And the DVDs aren’t in HD either. I smell a re-release of the series in the future….

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5 Comments on Damn You, Time Warner

  1. So in Houston Time Warner is soon to be

    “out the door” and Comcast is “in.”

    Its a long shot but does Comcast carry the channel you want?

  2. I have no clue as Comcast’s site is straight out of hell. They won’t list their channel lineup until you give them an address so they can tell you what is available in your area. Losers. And Universal HD doesn’t list which providers carry it. Again, losers.

  3. Uhhhhh – Time Warner does carry Universal HD. Or at least I get it . . . channel 293 . . . I would offer to let you come over and watch it . . . but . . . well, I am just not that nice a guy . . .

  4. Oooo, Rich is right. He’s really not that nice a guy!


    I meant Time Warner does carry UHD, but its part of the their HD programming you have to actually pay for. WTF is that?

  5. I thought I had seen UHD in my TW HD channel lineup, but since I was replying from work I couldn’t confirm it.

    JP stop complaining and GBTW.


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