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Free Golden Age Science Fiction

Now arriving at Project Gutenberg: Golden Age Science Fiction!

As tidbit readers are aware, many of the golden age science fiction classics are falling out of copyright and starting to show up on Project Gutenberg. Can you say “free science fiction”? I knew you could.

The Thunder Child has begun compiling a list of free science fiction classics including work by the likes of Victor Appleton (the Tom Swift books), Edgar Rice Burroughs, Terry Carr, Lester Del Rey, Murray Leinster, David Lindsay, A.E. Merritt, Andre Norton, Alan E. Nourse and H. Beam Piper.

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  1. And just to make things easier, I wrote a free ebook reader for Windows which has a built-in downloader for the whole Gutenberg catalog. It shows two pages side by side and turns pages when you click on them. Most Gutenberg files are fixed-width 76 character lines which are terrible to read on just about anything but an old 80-character DOS terminal. My app will rejustify the text, and you can export the newly un-formatted version if you want to read it on a handheld.

    The program is called yBook, and a search on Google will turn it up. It’s completely free, which means this comment isn’t spam or advertising (I hope!) – I’m not providing a clickable link just to be on the safe side.


    Simon Haynes

    Author of the Hal Spacejock series.

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