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Increasing the traffic…

I can’t believe Pete hasn’t blogged about this one – the Mythbuster’s assistant Kari Byron has done a photoshoot for FHM (whatever that is – a magazine I see, but not one I’ve ever heard of.) Anyway, she appears dressed for um, something as you’ll see here. The best part is, she does that ‘Mentos in the Diet Coke’ trick.

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  1. Yeah, I have that issue… you know, you can get FHM, Maxim and Stuff for FREE online!! Paying for it is for suckers!

  2. I’m old enough to really not enjoy the look of push-up bras.

    However a woman squealing as a geyser of thick creamy liquid gushes from a small orifice, well, what more can I say?

  3. Scott doesn’t know anything about FHM ;-), but somehow he innocently wandered across this . . . yeah . . . riiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhhhhtttttt

    Myself, on the other hand, have only ever seen such magazines piled up in Pete’s apartment . . . or house . . . or that is my claim and I am sticking to it . . .

  4. A few years back FHM did a feature on bad superhero costumes. I blogged about it, pointing out that I do not buy FHM because I am over 17, do not like xtreme sports, have no interest in gossip about String Cheese Incident, and can afford actual porn.

  5. I can’t afford real porn and like I said, FHM can be free

  6. I hardly think that is proper lab attire she is wearing!


    I remember reading an article a while back from a professional society of scientists complaining of the way labs are depicted. It seems real labs usually have a lot less liquid, don’t have all those dials and buttons, don’t have things backlit with odd colors, etc. I guess the people who made this video didn’t see that article.

  7. I stumbled across this by watching Mythbusters – while they seem to have run out of legitimate myths to bust, it’s still interesting to see what these guys do.

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