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Is That a HUGE Anthology in Your Pocket…?

Thankfully, JP has been providing more than his share of reviews this week, because I’m in the middle of reading not one, but two huge anthologies: The Year’s Best Science Fiction Twenty-Third Annual Collection (edited by Gardner Dozois) and The Space Opera Renaissance (edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer). Both are quite enjoyable but, alas, reading them together means taking longer to post my own reviews – for which our discerning audience is obviously anxiously awaiting.

I started The Space Opera Renaissance first, but at 950 pages, it’s is just plain HUGE. (And, yes, I am happy to see you.) The print size is smaller than normal which means longer reading. But! It means more stories betwixt it’s covers. (It’s a well-known fact that posts with marginal content may use words like “betwixt” and “methinks”.) After reading a few stories in it, I switched over to the Dozois anthology because I had read many of the stories already as part of my Hugo and Nebula Awards reading projects; I figured I’d be able to finish that one sooner.

Reading and reviewing short fiction takes a bit longer than an equalization novel, methinks (nudge-nudge), because there is that slow ramp-up time to get accustomed to a story (plot, world, writing style, etc.). As it is now, I’m a-jonesin’ for the “comfort” of a novel…

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2 Comments on Is That a HUGE Anthology in Your Pocket…?

  1. I’m planning on bringing both the SO Ren and Dozois 23 on vacation. Of course, I may end up driving the minivan instead of the Honda Civic due to the amount of trunk space that will be taken up just by those two books!


    Now you know why I started using the term “megathology”!

  2. I was eyeing Space Opera in the bookstore recently, so I’m definitely looking forward to hearing your opinion about it.

    It was an impressively sized book wasn’t it? Although I’m not so fond of the smaller print in general.

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