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I stumbled across a streaming music site a few weeks ago. It’s called Pandora and it rocks.

What’s special about it is that it uses “recommended if you like” intelligence to suggest songs that you might like by artists you may not yet have heard. (They call it The Music Genome Project.) When you set up Pandora, you create stations and give each a few artists you like (say, David Bowie or The Cure). Pandora will play songs similar in melody, harmony and rhythm, to instrumentation, orchestration, etc.

From my experience it does a damn fine job. It lets me hear artists I might not otherwise have heard since I avoid radio at all costs. When Pandora hits or misses the mark, you can teach it by giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down, a la Tivo. They also allow you to skip songs, but limit to a few times an hour due to licensing restrictions.

Check it out! When you decide you like it, give Pandora’s Box a try. It’s a wrapper program for Pandora that frees up the browser window by moving Pandora to your system tray.

Rock on!

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3 Comments on Pandora

  1. Yeah, Pandora is great. I simply don’t use it enough.

    It reminds me that recently I was pointing out how internet resources have changed my approach to music. Essentially because of things like eMusic (which is my primary source of music) and Amazon, etc. with their whole, if you like this you might like that based on other’s buying habits I found that my subscriptions to different music magazines rather pointless.

    I used to subscribe to several music magazines to keep up with what was coming out and follow reviews to look for new things, but that has totally been surplanted now. With eMusic offering a signficiant number of downloads each month I tend to go off and explore things based solely on what folks who have similar interest do.

    Totally changes things.

    And now we have Pandora in the equation.

  2. Pandora is so great!

    I usually hate listening to the radio, with all those werid DJs and annoying people. The radio just dont seem to fit my needs since most of the mainstream pop music are all just off, but with Pandora, they help you route out the coolest music that fits your taste to almost perfection, some of which you won’t ever have found yourself.

    I would reccomend that for those of you who like Pandora as much as me, download Pandora’s box, it makes it even hassal-free to labar with.

  3. Jurgen Pletinckx // August 16, 2006 at 9:38 am //

    US Residents only. Bah. Do I care enough to use a fake ZIP code?

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