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Pyr Is On Fire

So I was trolling around Lou Ander’s newly re-designed site and I happened across his list of Pyr SF&F books. Upon closer inspection, I realized that we here at the mighty SFS have reviewed many of these books. And, in fact, I realized that, in the words of William Lexner: ‘Not a novel comes from this particular house that is hackneyed or weakly plotted’. In other words, they publish books that don’t suck. Want proof? Behold the list of Pyr books reviewed by us (and by us, I mean mostly John):

Who knew we (John) had read so many Pyr books? I guess this shows that Lou has a special talent for finding books that don’t suck. In fact, he should take his Pyr experience and apply it to a new line of anthologies called ‘SF Stories That Don’t Suck Edited By Lou Anders, Vol I.’ As always, our advice is free and, you’re welcome Lou.

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  1. You forgot Star of Gypsies by Robert Silverberg (4.5 stars), Galileo’s Children edited by Gardner Dozois (4 stars), Silverheart by Michael Moorcock and Storm Constantine (3 stars) and The Healer by Michael Blumlein (4 stars).

    Pyr was one of the first publishers to begin sending us review copies, so yep, we have reviewed a nice selection of their catalog. And I would agree that Pyr has very discerning taste. River of Gods in particular was a great catch for a new imprint.

  2. We’ll be reviewing Infoquake shortly (Rosie’s read it and Charlie is plowing through it right now). Rosie smiles when he talks about it which is a very good sign.

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