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See the Firefly/Serenity Documentary for Free!

We previously mentioned a documentary detailing how fans of Firefly influenced Fox to produce Serenity. It’s called Done The Impossible.

And now it’s available for free in torrent format via torrent.

The makers of the documentary outline the reasons why they are doing this. Essentially, the documentary is only a small part of what the for-sale DVD has to offer.


[via Cinematical]

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4 Comments on See the Firefly/Serenity Documentary for Free!

  1. Oh Tiiiiim!

  2. Ahoy!!!! Fire up the engines we are downloading at warpspeed 🙂

  3. Sorry for being pedantic, but it’s not on torrent format, it’s in MOV/QuickTime format. At least I think it’s QuickTime, I didn’t download it so far. But MOV extensions are usually QuickTime format.

    The torrent is just the delivery method they use, and I understand they won’t care too much if people will copy it by other means as well.

    Otherwise, you know, someone will have to say that the full high-res version of the movie is available in various formats such as USPS and airmail.

    That said, this is pretty impressive, and I think it’s very good marketing.

  4. Thanks, Yaron. Silly me. Text fixed.

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