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SF Tidbits for 8/3/06

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  1. I have a big bone to pick with the SciFi Dimensions piece. But there’s no quick and easy comment section there so I’m going to mouth off here.

    The author talks about imagining futures but also talks about being “realistic”. He then goes on to make references to 1984, which wasn’t about the future it was about the present (Orwell’s original title was 1948).

    Science Fiction isn’t always about the future. It is in fact more often about the present but none the less powerful for it. 1984, Stranger in a Strange Land, War of the Worlds and even Accelerando are all novels that explored issues that were firmly rooted in the present at the time they were written. But then there’s plenty of great science fiction novels out there that explore futures that have nothing to do with the present. The fact that this articles author uses examples of both interchangeably dimminishes his argument in my opinion.

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