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Stargate SG-1, Am I Missing Anything?

In lieu of watching the Astros lose yet another close game, I decided to watch the 200th episode of Stargate SG-1. I must say it was a fun episode and they took shots at a lot of different SF TV shows as well as themselves.I remember watching SG-1 way back when it first started on Showtime and not really getting into it. So, my question is, did the show get better and did I miss anything worthwhile? I see its been on the air for 10 years so someone must like it quite a bit. Now it’s up to you, our loyal readers, to convince me, or not, to watch, or not, Stargate SG-1.

A bit more info for you, I saw the original Stargate movie in the theaters with my brother and, while I thought it was a decent enough flick, I left feeling somewhat underwhelmed.

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  1. Personally, I like Stargate SG1 and feel that it was far superior to the movie with respect to plot and other factors. The episode last night was appropriately campy and I felt they really took the time to look at the criticisms placed on them throughout the series.

  2. Yes, you did miss something. The whole thing really picked up speed around season 4 or 5 and became a really really good SciFi show.

  3. SG1 is a great show. Like any other show it has it’s slow moments or bad episodes, but on the whole it’s excellent.

    Season 9 wasn’t that great because they were growing into the new members of the cast and starting a new story-line, but season 10 so far has been ok. 200 was definitely fun.

  4. Robert Davis // August 19, 2006 at 12:44 pm //

    It was good till Jack left (made general/got frozen) then went straight to hell.

  5. It has varied. There’s been a lot of character development and back story development. It’s kind of neat in that you have one race of nasties who are using tech they did not develop, another race that may or may not help, another race of transhumans (to steal a term) that generally stay out of the way, etc.

    They’ve explored a lot old SF themes in 200-odd episodes. They’ve done comedy (Wormhold X-Treme), drama (Heroes) and more.

    Characters have come and gone, there have been multiple shakedown cruises, but they seem to pull it off. Heck, I liked it enough to buy several seasons on DVD (and will eventually get the rest).

    As for that other show…Atlantis, it runs hot and cold for me. There are several characters I like, and there have been some good episodes, but overall, I think the show is still trying to find its way.

  6. I think you have. Like any SF show it’s had good and bad bits. Overall I think it’s one of the best SF shows on American TV. Admittedly that is not an overwhelmingly high standard.

    I think Stargate has built a compelling universe over its run. The first season was rough, but I think that’s true for a number of shows. ST:TNG season 1 is almost unwatchable to me in hindsight, the same for much of the later ST universe shows (Enterprise being the only one I couldn’t make it past the first season.) First season of B5 was inferior, IMO, to the later seasons.

    Of course, IMO, SF series take longer to build to anything really good because you not only have to develop characters, but introduce a universe, technology, etc. so you have a workable framework for future stories.

    I agree with martin that it picked up steam in later seasons. The earlier seasons were weaker overall (but still enjoyable), but what you realize is how much they help make the later seasons better by laying the foundations for the Stargate Universe.

    I think that the Stargate series has achieved a consistency and strong internal logic that is strongly lacking in much of Star Trek. I am continually impressed by how they tie storylines together across seasons. Races introduced are not forgotten, technology found is remembered, etc.

    And they have also done a relatively good job with introducing improbably science without the usual accompanyingly laughable technobabble (at least Dr. Who knew never to take those technical explanations seriously!)

    In being such a long show they’ve had awkward transitions with actors leaving. The loss of Daniel was a rough patch as was the recent shift with the loss of O’Neill – but I think they have recovered reasonable well from both.

  7. Stargate SGI is my favorite show on TV. I will even watch reruns, and I hate reruns! But I do love the show. I really thought the interactions between O’Neill, Carter, Tilk, Daniel, all had a lot to do with the sucess of the show.

    I still watch, but I am not enjoying the show as much as I did when O’Neill was still on the show. I miss the other Colonel, and the other evil guo-oilds…listen, I know that isn’t spelled right, but I know you all know who I mean.

    Somehow, there is a real change in the substance of the interactions between all of the characters. The change in Tilk’s character is also very apparent. He doesn’t look so unique any longer. He just looks like another one of the guys. Besides he is away wearing heavy robes most of the time. He isn’t the strong warrior any longer.

    Something is definitely missing from the show. I just don’t buy into the new foes they face, they aren’t believable to me. The story lines seem silly and the lady who runs around making trouble gets on my last nerve. Can’t think of her name at the moment. The one who wears pony tails, and seems to be so adapt at causing problems for Daniel.

    I thought the 200th anniversary show was boring and ended up flling asleep. Maybe the show has just run it’s coarse. I don’t know…but I sure miss seeing O’Neill, Carter, Tilk, and Daniel, heading out through that gate…getting ready to do battle and save the world.

  8. I’ve enjoyed SG1 since it first premiered, and have also watched Stargate Atlantis since it premiered. True, the SG1 episodes since Richard Dean Anderson haven’t been AS enjoyable…but they’re still fun to watch.

    But each season of SG1 has episodes that are wonderful, some that are just enjoyable, and of course, at least one or two episodes that aren’t the best (but far better than any reality programming).

    Watch “Tangent,” “Maternal Instinct,” “Window of Opportunity,” “2010,” “Abyss,” “Grace,” “A Matter of Time,” “Learning Curve,” “Memento” — episodes that are all wonderful, all different from each other, all from different seasons…

    Stargate SG-1 is a delight.


  9. 10 years of a show and you ask if you missed anything? HA!!!!

    This season has been a bit slow overall the show is decent. It’s not ever going to overwhelm you. It’s just something fun to watch. Starting from the beginning might be a bit much maybe someone can compile a list for you of the best episodes.

  10. Greg Lindenberg // August 21, 2006 at 9:57 am //

    I totally fail to understand why this lackluster sci-fi show has survived as long as it has. What a squandered premise. What turgid characters. What formulaic plots and writing. And Farscape got cancelled (and then SG-1 tried to appropriate its cool by “stealing” Ben Browder and Claudia Black, who deserve better). It simply boggles the mind.

  11. Greg, tell us how you really feel! Share!


  12. Greg Lindenberg // August 23, 2006 at 11:39 am //

    I hate those frelling, frakking SG shows! I’m elated that SG-1 has been canceled. How’s that?

  13. :-$

    With Richard Dean Anderson gone, it’s not worth watching. The writing has suffered without RDA to write for….

    After all, he was the big star (McGyver) who brought it to tv in the first place and he is part of the reason we tuned in.The other reason was the story itself.

    RDA quickly made the show his and his alone. The others were important (especially Daniel Jackson) but they didn’t bring the energy, personallity and wit of RDA.

    We have not watched it regularly since RDA left.

    I love Amanda Tapping tho. She is simply wonderful. Ben Browder is a real cutie and he should do fine.

    Michael Shanks, altho talented, may have a curse on him as Daniel….

    Can’t even imagine Stargate without RDA. When he left Friday nights were no fun anymore.

    I am not surprised its going.

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