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Doctor Who, Series 2

The SciFI Channel aired the first two episodes of Doctor Who series two tonight. I like the show. It has a nice mix of adult “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” humor and good ol’ fashioned camp, which the kids seem to like. The new Doctor seems to be good fit. (And I still think he has a bit of a Davy Jones thing going on.)

As per usual, I watched with my daughter, who loves it. On one of the episodes, one of the characters loses a hand in a swordfight, to which my apparently geek-in-training daughter replied, “That’s just like Star Wars. I think the people that made this saw Star Wars.”

Could I be more proud? I think not. 🙂

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4 Comments on Doctor Who, Series 2

  1. I enjoyed the Chrismas Episode, have not watch the 2nd one yet. But man I miss the old Doctor. He was just so much FUN!!!!!! Well I will give this one a try. But if it is the same writers I will stick around. Plus Battlestar Galactica is coming so a whole night of SF TV sounds great!

  2. Oddly, the first episode of Season/Series 2 (the Christmas Episode) had the new Doctor laid up in bed for most of the episode. You get more of him in the “New Earth” (episode 2).

  3. What pissed me off about this series was the number of episodes featuring people getting absorbed by aliens … it seems to be the number one threat in the galaxy …

  4. What I loved about this episode was when the Doctor mentions being in pajamas as ‘awfully Arthur Dent’ – now seriously, how many people watching the show got that line?  Awesome.

    (it is an homage to Hitchiker’s Guide, if you didn’t know)

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