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Free B SF Movies!

Public Domain Torrents is a site that hosts torrent files for many feature films that are now in the public domain. They have a decent SF section with over 150 movies available. Of course, you don’t get Forbidden Planet, but you do get Teenagers From Outer Space (“The high court may very well sentence you to TORTURE!!!!”). In fact, I see several movies that have been featured on Myster Science Theater 3000. They PDA, iPod and PSP versions available, and some movies are even hosted on Google Video for those of you without bittorrent or one of the above listed playback devices.

Happy hunting!

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5 Comments on Free B SF Movies!

  1. joshua corning // September 2, 2006 at 3:41 pm //

    you might consider putting a link to the site.

  2. There is one, although I notice its hard to see. It’s the SF word…

  3. joshua corning // September 2, 2006 at 9:23 pm //

    There is one, although I notice its hard to see. It’s the SF word…

    what…i totally stopped that post from being published by hitting the stop button just seconds after hitting send…i swear!

    to distract you from my embarising error watch this non-SF youtube video:

    warning adult language!

  4. You might want to run a spell check on the posting.


    Yes. He’s back.


  5. Excellent. I spent yesterday PM watching Battle of the Worlds! Bad Italian Sci-fi. It’s actually one of two movies that I remember from childhood that I’ve been looking for. I vaguely remembered there was a scientist who wrote on flower pots in the movie. And sure enough this was it. Major fun badness.

    One of the problem with a lot of the bittorrents listed there is that there are no seeders or active seeders for a number of them. Very frustrating.

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