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More Remastered Star Trek Info has a few trailers posted for the upcoming remastered Star Trek series. Additionally, and more importantly (and finally!), they also have a station listing of all the affiliates airing the remastered series, as well as the times. For Houston? Channel 13, KTRK, will be airing the show on Saturdays, at 1:05am!!! Urk.

Sadly, CBS will not be making the HD version available to its affiliates to air. Some one at CBS is apparently too busy screwing the pooch to realize what a terrible PR move this is. Many CBS stations are capable of handling HD feeds, yet CBS won’t distribute it to them. I’m tihnking HD-DVDs in the future are the reason here. Yes, a conspiracy theory. CBS will whet the appetites of Trekkies everywhere with the standard def broadcasts, then will try to convinve them to buy the shiny new HD-DVDs at a later date. The bastages!

Still, I’ll record the first few to see what it looks like. Will you?

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  1. Well, never mind the HD/no-HD question. Look at the times the show will be on. 3:05 AM in the NY market? 11:00 AM on Sunday in Philadelphia? Looks like they are burying it worse than the original “death knell” Friday night slot that Season 3 got!


  2. That’s why was Tivo invented. That and giving a triple Thumbs-Up to anything David Hasselhoff. πŸ™‚

  3. Personally I think it looks good, and a way to preserve it for new audiences. You can see in the trailer how much better (sharper and better color) than the older versions – not to mention the improved special effects (which I’m glad to see – the campy old ones just weren’t holding up.)

    And of course, there’s hardly a way to make Spock’s Brain any worse – so there’s that!

  4. …said the guy with a brand new HD TV! πŸ™‚

    I’m kinda looking forward to it, too. It’s been a while since I have seen the original series (after an overdose in my youth). I remember it being good science fiction. Except for “Spock’s Brain” (quoted the style Nazi ;-)) – that was just crappy.

  5. I just want to be there for the classic quotes, and Ricardo Montalban in hi-def. Oh wait, I don’t have HD cuz I am a luddite.

  6. Just an update for the Houston area, Channel 13 will be showing the first episode on Sept. 16th at 11:35pm, or so says the channel lineup guide on their site.

  7. Watched 75% of the episode this morning (NYC, 3:35 AM Monday morning, urgh…but what do you expect from NBC?).

    Most of the changes were very subtle, and as such, improved the episde rather than screamed “Look at me! I’m a change!”. The ships look better (but the Enterprise was a pretty subtle change, the Romulan ship was “cleaner”, so the change was more noticeable). The comet that plays a role in the episode was probably the clearest change (much more visible). You could see some galaxies and such in the opening sequence.

    While the announcements said there’d be changes to the music, I couldn’t really tell. Maybe the same music was re-recorded, but it wasn’t like they laid a disco or goth track over the episode.

    Overall, much better than the ultra-annoying “Star Trek 2.0” busy screen on the G4 channel.

    Would I buy them on DVD (HD or not)? Since we don’t have a “Kirk shot Spock first” situation, sure. Assuming this replaces the current pressing of the old series DVD’s, I’d be game for waiting for them to come out in this format.

    As long as I keep remembering to set the VCR, I’ll be there. I wonder if they’ll do “summer re-runs” or will run the show week after week for the original batch.

    Will WNBC keep running it? Will they put it in a better timeslot? I hope so!


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