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POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Robot from Film

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these is your favorite fictional robot from film?


(69 total votes)

I would have thought that the people would be all over the metallic T-1000. It seems that there is a fondness for the classic robots of the 50’s. But they still didn’t edge out those pesky replicants!

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6 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Robot from Film

  1. Its the pathos and strivings toward humanity that make the Replicants the most compelling of the robots. I suspect the Cylons would have gotten a fair number of votes as well, and I think it is the new Cylons which have made the new BG successful.
    If the new BG only had the old “toaster robots”, I suspect that the show would not be anywhere near as popular as it is today.

  2. Speaking of the Cylons…Some may have noticed a theme in recent polls. First there was Your Favorite Robot from Literature, then this. Next will be Your Favorite Robot from TV. And finally, a Robot Smackdown where the winners from each poll will compete for the title of Favorite Robot.

  3. I liked those dorky little robots in Silent Running. C3P0? Give me a break.

  4. It’s all about Gort baby! I knew I should have stuffed that ballot box from a few more locations, sheesh.
    Seriously, I don’t personally like anthropomorphic robots, and I don’t know if people ever will. I can certainly see humans always preferring to know that the construct they are talking to is a robot and thus make sure it always looks that way.

  5. Stuffing the ballot box of an sf fan blog…how sad. Although…now that you mention it, Gort had a huge lead early in the week, then the replicants suddenly came up from behind. Hmmm….
    I wonder if lurkers feel compelled to vote when they see some perceived injustice in the current tally. Or, for that matter, whether people feel compelled to stuff the ballot box.
    So it goes.

  6. I just realized we missed a fantastic movie robot – The Iron Giant. Man, that thing was sweet. The way the film version turns from a friendly looking robot into a death machine with an homage to War of the Worlds was excellent.

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