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Release the Hounds! We’ve Been Robbed!

Joel Schumacher will be directing a vampire Nazi movie! Sound familiar?

The Hollywood Reporter says the Batman & Robin director has signed up to helm Town Creek, a vampy Gold Circle horror movie. If vampires aren’t enough to get you interested, they’re also throwing in Nazis. It’s the story of a West Virginia man who helps his brother wipe out a family that once protected a Nazi vampire. See, genocide alone isn’t bad enough, to be really really evil you’ve also got to be a blood sucker.

OK, technically, it’s not thievery since Schumacher’s film lacks zombies…and time-traveling…and Green Bay Packers. But you get my point. I think.

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2 Comments on Release the Hounds! We’ve Been Robbed!

  1. I demand residuals!:D

  2. I still think its a bit close to our own intellectual property. I suggest we go after him before Cory Doctorow comes along to take away our highly suspect copyright 🙂

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