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SF coming to life

More in the category of ‘sci-fi coming to life’ is a Philips technology that allows for true fiber optics – in this case, fabric fibers. The technology called Lumalive puts an array of LEDs into the fabric itself and thus allowing you to have moving graphical images presented from your clothing. I can only imagine the potential uses for such technology – jackets for use while jogging at night that warn vehicles of your location, shirts that allow you to promote the latest craze (your favorite blog maybe), and underwear that … well … perhaps that’s best left to the imagination.

Can the world envisioned by the movie Blade Runner be that far away?

2 Comments on SF coming to life

  1. As I have as a tagline on my blog, we *are* “Living in the Science Fiction Present”

  2. The better question for John is, if we do end up in a Blade Runner world, will he be bored by it?


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