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SF Tidbits for 9/27/06

UPDATED: WIth link to EW BG Story.

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6 Comments on SF Tidbits for 9/27/06

  1. Weird. The book is “Uller Uprising” and I’ve never seen another spelling. I’ll have to see if I can trace the magazine publication and find if Piper changed the spelling for the book.

  2. On Cordwainer Smith, I’d recommend a look at NESFA’s short story collection and novel by Smith. You’ll get all the known Instrumentality tales (and some extras besides) that way. You pay more (they are hardcovers), but the Baen isn’t as complete as the NESFA editions.

    It does, I think, have a lovely Bob Eggleton cover, though.

  3. On Ullr: Yeah, I thought so to. I think my copy (buried under stacks of other books I’ll never get to read) is has the “e”. I went by the pictures in the link, though. Go figure.

  4. The copy I have is Uller Uprising, but maybe they simply have a spelling error on the site. I say Fred should head over there and smackle them repeatedly.

  5. I’m gonna smackle you if you don’t learn your spellin’!


  6. Looks like we’re dealing with a magazine serial spelling. A few sites list it as “Ullr” and cite an appearance with that spelling in Volume 3, Number 4 and Number 5 of “Space Science Fiction” in the UK in 1953.

    Of course, one could theorize that Piper had a typewriter with a broken “e” and had to construct an entire story without using that letter…


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