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Elric Books Reprinted with Extras

Michael Moorcock announced that Del Rey will be reprinting his Elric books with some nice extras:

From next year, at three month intervals, Del Rey books will be publishing trade paperback editions of the Elric books. They will be done more or less in the order in which they were published and will be illustrated by some of the best artists currently at work. The first one will be done by my good friend John Picacio, whose first professional book illustrating job was the Mojo edition of Behold the Man (and who also illustrated Tales from the Texas Woods, also for Mojo) and will include the original stories from The Stealer of Souls and Stormbringer, as well as other material, plus a new introduction and explanatory material. They will be published in much the same style and format as Del Rey’s Conan editions. I can’t remember if I have already announced this, but thought I’d better mention it now just in case I hadn’t! The books will include short stories from the world of the Young Kingdoms and other stories as they originally appeared in Science Fantasy magazine, including “To Rescue Tanelorn” and so on. Scripts, early illustrations and so on will also be included in the volumes.

[via Chris Roberson]

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  1. I hope they complete the series. I have a bunch of White Wolf editions, but they stopped printing fantasy novels before they got through the Moorcock cycle, alas.

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