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POLL RESULTS: The Coolest Setting in SF Literature

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of the following is the coolest setting in sf literature?


(142 total votes)

This week’s poll sparked a few comments….

“Where the heck is Robert Heinlein? Starship Troopers? Future History? Have Spacesuit will Travel? Hello?” – Cory

“I’d have listed Peter Hamilton’s Commonwealth (Pandora Planet [I think Tim means Pandora’s Star – Ed.] – Judas Unchained) rather than Night’s Dawn. The setting of Night’s Dawn (which I’m just starting to re-read, by the way) is damn cool, but, comn on! Railroads to the stars! Who could resist that?” – Tim M.

Please note that those responsible have been sacked, along with the bozo who gave voters an “out” by providing the choice of “Other”. [Looks up and to the left.]

Be sure to vote in this week’s poll on the coolest setting in sf TV and film!

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6 Comments on POLL RESULTS: The Coolest Setting in SF Literature

  1. What, Barsoom is not listed as a possible choice for best setting? It is practically the Valhalla of the Norseman, the heaven of eternal battles — everyone abides by the strict honor code of facing a swordsman with a sword, even if you have a radium pistol, and there is always a scantily-clad Martian princess to be rescued! What’s not to like?

  2. And sadly missing from this weeks poll on the choices for TV & film settings:
    – The world of Logan’s Run (film adaptation) – a world where you are completely free from the fears of retirement: no need to save money, to keep yourself healthy, or come up with a hobby.
    – The world of Running Man – In this case I mean the movie with Arnie, not the Stephen King story. A world with awesome game shows! Couldn’t you just see a version of the Running Man show with fueding family members pit against one another? And I for one would love to see my favorite celebrities, like Anna Nicole Smith or Carrot Top, make guest appearences on the show to spice things up.
    – Where is the world from Sleepers? I can’t tell which is better, ‘free love’ in a high-tech era or the fact that high-calorie, high-fat foods are healthy. But luckily I don’t have to choose!!!
    – And how could you leave out Quark? A world of sentient ficus AND Cloned Doublemint twins – ’nuff said!

  3. JP took the top mentions from the poll where you yourself only listed Star Wars, Futurama and Star Trek and not these new three. (And by the third one, I think you mean Woody Allen’s Sleeper – no “s”.) But seriously, do you think any of these better than the top ones used in this week’s poll? Would you vote for them if they were there?

  4. Ah, sorry, I should have used a smiley – all that was said with tongue firmly in cheek.
    The story of Logan’s Run is that at a certain age, 30 in the TV show I think, you’re killed to avoid societal overcrowding.
    Richard Dawson from the long-running (no pun intended) gameshow Family Fued was the MC from Running Man. And I mixed in a little Celebrity Deathmatch for fun.
    Sleeper is just, well, odd. But I’ll never forget the part where they discuss Woody Allen’s character’s health food shop where he sold whole grains, etc. and they made fun of it because it was now known that high-fat, sugar diets were actually healthy.
    And Quark was terrible TV, er, except for the aforementioned twins. That’s always good television.

  5. A little smiley goes a long way, eh? 😉

  6. I guess it was also a test of the readers sci-fi TV/film trivia knowledge (and my own – I mispelled Sleeper (H)). You had to know the premise of Logan’s Run, that Richard Dawson was in Running Man, recall the sex-laden, fat-loving neurosis of Sleeper (it had an Orgasmatron for goodness sakes), and have some passing memory of the Richard Benjamin-vehicle that was Quark. Admittedly, I figured only JP would get that ;).

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