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Reminder: Battlestar Galactica Season 3 This Friday

Just a reminder that the new season of BG starts this Friday.

If you are really into the show and want to enjoy it with others, perhaps you can find a fellow fan through Frak Party. Or not.

More for BG fans: article Why Smart People Love Battlestar Galactica which gets input from Scott Ian (lead guitar player for Anthrax), Madeline Stanionis (Internet advocacy and fundraising consultant, and organizer of Frak Party), Kris Krug (president of Bryght, builder of online communities and social software) and Dawn Buie (director of web technology at

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6 Comments on Reminder: Battlestar Galactica Season 3 This Friday

  1. Having seen the original BG I just about gagged when I tried to watch the remake. Too many weird camera angles. Too politically correct for me. I’m sure the show appeals to the 30 something set but it’s not my BG. They don’t have anyone on the show that looks like their even in the 40’s.


  2. Uh, Jim? Have you noticed who played the Commander of the Galactica? How about the President of the Colonies for much of the show? How about the Executive Officer of the Galactica?

    Two out of three are in their fifties and the third is somewhere between the 40’s and 50’s.

    And too PC? Starbuck smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish and swears like a…well, flyboy. There are sexual encounters between enlisted and officers, encounteres between officers of different ranks, political favors and more. Hardly “PC”!

    More like “real life”.


  3. Let’s see:

    Edward James Olmos. Born 1947.

    Mary McDonnell: Born 1952.

    Michael Hogan: Can’t find a birth date, but look at the man and tell me he ain’t well over 40.

    For the other two…run the numbers. I think we can safely say they are both over 50.

    The show has a pretty good demographic among the cast, in terms of age. That ain’t no 30 year old running the Galactica (although there is one running the other one–now).

  4. I think, Fred, that Jim meant that new cast is too young, not too old. :^)

    I think I speak for All My Co-Bloggers soon to be an ABC mini-series) When I say we, too, were skeptical of BG. We nay-sayed it to death without seeing a frame of footage. One might surmise that our low expectations made the show’s mediocrity seem outstanding. Or, it could be that the new BG is, in fact, just plain good.

    As far as it being too politically correct, I’m not sure I see that further than the re-casting of Starbuck and Boomer as women. (Insert requisite “Mmmmm…Booomer” here.) The show unambiguously parallels the events after 9/11. This coming season, I understand, they deal with some of the BG soldiers resorting to suicide bombing. That’s some pretty serious and un-PC material, if you ask me.

    Of course, it’s completely understandable if its not your cup of tea. Different strokes, …etc.

  5. And the most aged and politically incorrect icon of all on the show? The old doctor who smokes cigarettes! How many shows show people smoking these days?


  6. Some random bitching about the season opener of Galactica:

    * This Cylon occupation doesn’t seem particularly effective, what with people walking around and escaping outside of the compound with ease and regularity. Stalag 13 had better security.

    * Does Anders not remember that he saw two cylons kill another last season? That would be a pretty clear indication that there’s dissent in the ranks, something that an insurgent worth his salt would try to exploit.

    * And I guess the dissent and revolution in Cylon society went the way of Lee’s death wish, Kara’s drinking, the Black Market, and all the other subplots that just vanished without closure.

    * When did Dean Stockwell become such a bad actor? He was never a master thespian, but the guy who plays Bob on the Emzyte commercials is more convincing.

    * Glad they could sneak Tom Zarek in there, but having him part of the resistance would have been far more fun. The “people die in war” schtick would have worked better with him than Tigh.

    * Over the course of two hours do you think they might take a break from the pathos/angst fest of sundered loyalties and Machievellian intrigue to actually address the science fiction aspects of the show? Y’know, robots with a spiritual crisis? Halfbreed babies? Earth? This script could have been racheted a little tighter. We also could have gained valuable screen minutes by dropping the flash-edit-wankfest intro.

    * The Cylons do not have a plan. They actually said in THIS EPISODE that they don’t have a plan. The ominous tagline of the opening has yet to be played out.

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