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Shat Hosts a Game Show

William Shatner will be hosting a game show. No, really.

William Shatner will host “Show Me the Money,” a new game show series for ABC.

Contestants answer trivia questions for the chance to win millions while also facing the risk of losing everything they have accumulated. ABC has ordered seven one-hour episodes.

Show Me the Money? Bo-ring.

If I were going to have the William Shatner host my game show – and I realize the chances of that are really, really tiny – I’d use one of these show titles:

  • Shattack!
  • Shat ‘Til You Drop!
  • Name That Shat!
  • Shattletales!
  • Shat Game P.M.!
  • Shat Wants to be a Millionaire!
  • Dancing with the Shat!
  • Shat Factor!

As you can see, any game show with William Shatner as host deserves nothing less than an exclamation point. And as part of the opening sequence, I’d use the crazy-eyed Shatner picture you see above.

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  1. That would be:





    It really is all about delivery, and the Shat has that to a science now 🙂 And its a shajme Deforest Kelly is not still alive to be his sidekick on the new game show so he could say:

    I’m an actor, not a goofy game show sidekick!!!

  2. Shat for Dollars

  3. Greg Lindenberg // October 9, 2006 at 10:28 am //


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