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Fantastic Fiction Mailing List

There’s a new email list in town and it’s called Fantastic Fiction. Here is the info sent to me from the list’s creator:

I’ve started a new mailing list, dedicated to fantasy and science fiction. Rather than being exclusive, I’m trying to be inclusive. Discussions will range, I hope, all over. From (Clark Ashton) Smith to (E.E.

“Doc”) Smith. From Heinlein to Howard. From Leiber to Lovecraft and beyond.

This list is a spinoff of another list I’ve been a member of for a few years now, ERB-List, dedicated to the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Oftentimes we’ll wander off from the subject matter (the works of

Burroughs) and have to be gently moved back on course.

I suggested this list because many of these authors are interconnected due to friendships and associations, so why not discuss them in a similar fashion.

This list is not connected with Yahoo or Yahoo Groups. In fact, I am putting up my own funds to help run the list, a measure of my dedication and interest. So, I hope you will consider joining.

I hope to see this as an extension of my blogging, and my site (The Eternal Golden Braid). I often write about science fiction there, and I’m hoping to have a discussion on this list that helps inspire me to write more for the blog.

To join the list, Fantastic Fiction, send an e-mail (no subject line needed) to:

MAJORDOMO AT ERBLIST DOT COM [Replace the “AT” with @ and the “DOT” with “.”]

…and have the body of the message be…

subscribe fantasticfiction (YOUR MAILING ADDRESS) end

The second line should be “end” because some mailers, like Yahoo, add advertising and the like at the end.

Having “end” on the second line tells Majordomo to ignore anything after that and only execute the command “subscribe fantasticfiction yourmailingaddress”.

Hope to see you there.

– Fred Kiesche

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