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Forbidden Planet: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Next Tuesday will see the 50th anniversary re-release of the 1956 sc-fi classic Forbidden Planet.

The Two-Disc 50th Anniversary Special Edition features additional scenes, lost footage, three documentaries and two follow-up vehicles starring Robby the Robot (The Invisible Boy and The Thin Man TV series episode “Robot Client”).

Hardcore fans can also opt for the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which additionally includes vintage memorabilia (looks like postcards), a tin DVD package (“collectible packaging” in market-speak), a mail-in offer for a reproduction of an original Forbidden Planet theatrical poster and, best of all, a Robby the Robot replica!

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  1. You mean yo haven’t had your copy pre-ordered for about two months like a real fanboy would?


  2. Or you. Yo is a fanboy term.


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