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Hear Isaac Asimov Discuss Utopian Change

The latest Time Traveler Show features Isaac Asimov giving a fascinating and fun 1974 talk titled “Utopian Change” in which he discusses science fiction, technological change and the birth of sf.

Some choice quotes:

On sf: “The only relevant literature of our time is science fiction.”

On critics: “They can observe, study and analyze but they can’t do it themselves.”

On sf: “This is the importance of science fiction — that it considers possible futures by taking into account possible changes in technology and their consequences and gives some thought to how to meet the consequences.”

On futurists: “It seems to me that all futurists are either science fiction writers, science fiction readers, ex-science fiction writers and ex-science fiction readers. You show me a futurist who’s never read any science fiction and I’ll show you a person who’s so uninterested in the future that he [couldn’t] really decide anything about it.”

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  1. Thanks for the great posting! A show’s about content, and when I can get the Great Explainer himself–well, I was very lucky πŸ˜‰

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