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Light On Light Through

The Plot to Save SocratesSF author Paul Levinson (The Plot to Save Socrates) has a cool podcast called Light On Light Through. The latest episode, #8, is titled Time Travel in Fiction and Fact – a sf theme near and dear to my heart.

Episode 8 contains the following:

  • A special audio clip from the radioplay “The Chronology Protection Case”, a Phil D’Amato story. (See SF Signal review.)
  • A special give-away of the full 38-minute radioplay of “The Chronology Protection Case”.
  • An e-mail about time travel from Sylvia Engdahl, author of Enchantress from the Stars, who posits a Fermi Paradox for time travel.
  • Shaun Farrell makes the call on Daylight Savings Time
  • A tribute to Jack Williamson, 1908-2006.
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