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Perry Rhodan Movie

Website at the End of the Universe points to Mission Stardust on YouTube, a movie based on the Perry Rhodan books.

Sweet! I confessed Perry Rhodan as my guilty pleasure a while back so I was surprised to learn that there was a film based on it. Made in 1967, no less! This is not for the timid. Within 26-and-a-half minutes, Rhodan is making out with the alien Thora, who was previously wearing fuzzy breast cozies!

Mmmm…95 minutes of delicious corn…I musts gets my vegetables.

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3 Comments on Perry Rhodan Movie

  1. It’s a pretty poor movie. Squeezing it onto a YouTube screen won’t do much to improve it!

  2. Indeed, although a long follower of Rhodan myself, I have never seen the movie, but I have been assured that it has nothing to do with the written stuff to the point where the characters, the design and pretty much everything else has been modified from the original beginning of the Rhodan saga.

  3. pararealist // August 27, 2008 at 5:12 pm //

    It is onlt now that technology has progressed enough to be able to make a proper PR film. The series is so advanced compared to other sci-fi AND after 3000 years plus there is a lot of material to deal with.

    Anyway the TV public seems not to be ready for LONG stories  or the many different places where events take place within the series.

    There was talk of three films, but i hear no more of it at the moment, either they have the money and in secret production or not.

    Sadly if one has not caught the series from beginning one loses much. I read german so i started reading in 1971 at number 1, now i am at number 2453, for me as a whole the best sci-fi i have ever read.

    I am not a fan of 3 1/4 hour scifi tv shows, there is not time to present a proper story, it all seems so hurried to me to fit it all in.

    That said, Babylon 5 is/was by far the best sci-fi on screen in my view, Stargate a far second.

    The rest well…

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