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SF Tidbits for 11/21/06

  • BG moves to Sundays in January: Battlestar Galactica will move to a new timeslot starting Jan. 21, 2007: Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, following the premiere of the new original series The Dresden Files.
  • lists The 10 Strangest Things in Space. (I think one of them is BG on Sundays nights.)
  • SFF World interviews Ian McDonald and Sean Williams. [via SFBC Blog]
  • Matt Cheney interviews Julie Philips (author of James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon) at Strange Horizons. [also via SFBC Blog]
  • John Joseph Adams profiles Scott Lynch and his first novel, The Lies of Locke Lamora at SciFi Wire.
  • The George R. R. Martin Podcast. In this final episode, George pays homage to his fans.
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3 Comments on SF Tidbits for 11/21/06

  1. WTF? BG on Sundays? Why why why? What, exactly, is the point to this? Are they trying to pump up audience for The Dresden Files? If so, wouldn’t it be better to put BG before Dresden Files? I don’t get the scheduling ‘wizards’ at SciFi. Let’s take our most successful show ever, and move it! Yeah! Brilliant! Give that guy a promotion!

    What clowns.

    Re: Strangest Things In Space – Proves that there are stranger things in reality than you can find in fiction. Braneworlds, mini black holes, vacuum energy, and recycled universes. Our Kevin ought to have a field day with these…. 😉

  2. How annoying! I like starting my weekend with Sci Fi, not ending it. I am less likely to watch or in reality less likely to watch in real time on Sunday nights. I think its a bad programming decision which seems pretty much par for course with Sci Fi. Although as a SG1 fan, I think it is a season or two past time for it to die a dignified death. I am in favor Sci Fi’s decision to cancell SG1.

  3. Ratings for BG have been slipping and trending towards dismal. Given that this is SciFi’s most expensive show that’s something they feel needs to be corrected – and soon.

    Frankly I think the maudlin episodes to start the season did that more than anything else – those first 5 on the planet were terribly depressing, with poor pacing, and wildly uninteresting compared to the second season. However, it didn’t help that the show had a delayed season start, changed to a 9pm timeslot, and no longer enjoys the lead-ins from the two Stargate shows.

    SciFi hopes that a move to Sunday night will give the show more visibility and pump up the ratings. We’ll see.

    Credit information from TV Guide and for the info above.

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