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SF Tidbits for 11/22/06

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4 Comments on SF Tidbits for 11/22/06

  1. I have to agree with Lou, I thought the Cylons had a good idea that ‘God’ was on their side and they did what they did at his behest. Then we get the ones who have doubts, and I was wondering why they had those. Did ‘God’ abandon them? Then we saw the Hybrids and I thought the same thing as Lou (well, the first thing I thought was, WTF is a Precog doing on a Cylon ship, where’ Tom Cruise?): “Oooo, they have Oracles! Let’s hope they’re more comprehensible than usual.” Then, nothing since then.

    I still like BG, I just feel its become uneven in terms of episode quality. It looks to me that they do best when the fleet is actually running from the Cylons, with the threat of immanent discovery hanging over them. Like the entire first series. When they slow, that’s when we get the boxing episodes. Yes yes, character development. Still, boxing?

    I do like the idea of a Cylon only virus. Sort of the bird flu of the BG universe. And the hint that it came from the 13th tribe is also interesting. More please. And more space battles. And more Boomer. (For Tim)

  2. I finally caught up with the latest episodes – and so far I’m totally underwhelmed by season 3. It is overall much poorer than the first season (the first 5 episodes alone almost made me quit watching.) Almost seems like they did all they planned to do in the first season and have been winging it ever since.

    Why haven’t they asked Athena to teleport back into a Cylon resurrection ship and become a double agent for them? When death isn’t a problem for you, why shun it? Instead, you use it as a weapon. In fact, that sounds like a fantastic premise for a whole sci-fi novel (a freebie for all the authors out there – I’ve read novels where this was effectively possible, but nothing about using it to tactical advantage for espionage or war.)

    Huh, this is turning into a ‘top things that annoy me about BG’.

  3. So you like BG now? I thought the the acting turned you off. Why the switch?

    But yeah, I agree – season 3 is weak. They are playing heavily on the real world parallels with the suicide bombers, etc. That’s all well and good, but the stories themselves still needs to be stronger.

    And I missed last week’s episode. Was it any good?

  4. I decided to watch it for 2 reasons. First, I had a ton of time to kill while living up here alone. Second, everybody kept talking about how great it was (especially the religeous angle) and I decided to give it a second chance. JP, in particular, stated that he thought the acting had gotten a lot better and that I should try it again. So I did, and was glad of it.

    The pilot has some focus on weaker actors – the crew of the launch bay in particular – that turned me off. Luckily the show isn’t about them.

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