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The Dark

The Dark is a serial web movie whose first two episodes are offered free as a promotion to get subscribers. They describe themselves as “the new high definition digital edge in space fiction.” Is this the future of science fiction?

It’s written by Steven Erikson (Malazan Empire fantasy series), David Keck (Eye of Heaven) and Mark Paxton-MacRae. More info:

Welcome to a new horizon in real science…fiction.

THE DARK is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It is a leading wave on the new tide of webcasting.

THE DARK is a three-year journey into uncharted territory. It will be available online in weekly, 12-minute episodes (and soon, in daily 1 minute and 45 second clips on your pda or cell phone), and in print as a bi-monthly, full color comic book by Alchemical Press.

THE DARK follows the adventures of the crew of the Recluse as they fight to take back their corner of the universe from aliens and worse — designer humanity.

THE DARK keeps physics in mind at all times…no transporters, no artificial gravity. Space is stress, tactics, and tension – battleships bending long arcs of momentum, testing the limits of ship and crew…though the ship is eel slick and nearly invisible, the crew of the Recluse live among the pipes and cables of a spacecraft as cramped as a submarine. For them, each brush with the aliens costs a week of white knuckles and a month of flashbacks.

Through my cursory glance, I will say there seems to be a higher-than-expected production value, but it comes at the expense of sitting through a series of F-bombs.

[via SFBC Blog and Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist]

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  1. I made myself watch the first episode. I suffered it bravely, but I know that I won’t be returning. The reference to Klingons & spandex was the only highlight in an otherwise dull experience.

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