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Catch Up On Heroes

Have you heard the hype but haven’t been able to check Heroes out yet? Perhaps you want to, but you can’t because they are on mid-season break and you hate the thought of braving the torrent networks. Well, you are in luck! NBC has made all 11 episodes online for free! Normally NBC posts one episode at a time, but for right now, you can catch up on all the episodes, in one convenient place, and with no waiting. Major props to NBC for doing this (here’s to hoping that ABC will do this for the un-aired episodes of Daybreak (they killed Taye, you bastards!)).

In another interesting move, NBC has teamed up with Netflix to release a ‘Season To Date’ DVD, available to rent on January 9th. This is interesting, but if you can watch all the episodes online, what’s the point?

Hat tip to Hacking Netflix for the link.

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2 Comments on Catch Up On Heroes

  1. Well, there are still a few of us (me!) who don’t have broadband, so downloads and torrents are a bit tedious.

    Did I see somewhere that there will be a marathon of the season to date as well on one of their networks?

  2. I think so. I know SciFi was airing all of them either yesterday or on Thrusday, so you may already be S.O.L. Or, they may do it again.

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