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Death Star Designer

As a promo to the video game Star Wars: Lethal Alliance, UbiSoft is hosting the Death Star Designer, a web-based simulation of managing the construction of the most fearsome weapon in the Star Wars universe besides Hayden Christensen’s acting.

In Death Star Designer, your goal is to design the Empire’s ultimate weapon. You are graded on the 5 attributes of Power Output, Firepower, Defense, Personnel Capacity and Naval Capacity. Sadly, there is no option for guarding the tiny Achilles’ heel exhaust port that allows one to destroy the Death Star with a single X-Wing photon blast. Noobs.

[via Big Dumb Object]

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  1. “a single X-Wing photon blast”

    What? They used a giant flash-light? It’s a ‘proton torpedo’. N00b. Sheesh.

    I’m virtual ‘Star Wars Enthusiast’, for today anyway.


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