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Expresso – not just a drink anymore…

Books on Demand is one of those things that is often discussed around these parts due to our general love of brick and mortar book sellers. In most cases, the ability to publish this way has not done well in the retail environment, and in many cases it was a way for authors to sell books without actually having to publish copies up front, but that may all be changing in the coming year. The Expresso POD machine is slated to show up in select libraries (including the New York Public Library) and stores starting next year. The claim is that it can produce two books simultaneously in seven minutes including printing, cutting, and binding. This is all done at a production cost of 5 cents a page, but the final cost of the book is dependent upon the copyright holder and store the service is offered at. Anyways, this may actually usher in the concept of stores enabling you to purchase the book you want when you want it, and this will save those hunters the trouble of dealing with some store staff.

From those guys and gals at Engadget.

2 Comments on Expresso – not just a drink anymore…

  1. Jim Shannon // December 22, 2006 at 3:25 pm //

    Just got this mental

    picture of someone

    plunking down their

    money and the machine

    flashes a message:

    “Out of materials”and

    nobody around to

    service the machine.

    Friggin vending machine

    at work is always eating

    up my money to.

  2. But if you tip the machine you can get a few copies of Ender’s Game for free . . . 😉

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