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First Peek at Silver Surfer…and I Am Unimpressed

Here’s a pic of the CGI Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four sequel. (Also here.)

Now, I’m no FF fanboy by any means. I never read the comic and saw the first movie. My brother-in-law was saying for years that they could make a decent Human Torch. (I think the only basis for this claim was that CGI commercial for athlete’s foot cream that featured some poor bastage’s foot on fire.) Maybe because of that I at least thought the CGI of the first FF movie looked kinda cool. In the trailer at least.

But this? This looks kinda lame. It looks amateurish. Granted, there is only so much realism you can give to a being made of chrome, but still. Maybe in motion it becomes cooler, I don’t know. Hopefully the animation will be good enough to overcome the flat computer-generated look of the thing.

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  1. The determining factor in whether he’ll look realistic will be how he reflects his environment. Think of T3 and how he reflected the fire when he was metallic.

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