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POLL RESULTS: Economics in Science Fiction

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

How important is the presence of realistic economics in science fiction?


(77 total votes)

A few comments this week:

“On the basis that Economics is largely made up on-the-fly in the real world, despite protestations to the contrary from the high priests of the cult, I don’t see how we can say what “realistic” economics actually is. After all, it’s merely how a system works. Even on this planet we have several economic models – though admittedly one dominates – it would be a supreme arrogance to assume we have all the answers in that area. Just give me a cracking good story. Stuff the economics!” – Paul Harper

“The reason why I listed it as very important rather than somewhat is, first, that economics is a science, second, disagreements between economics and pseudo-economics (communism and socialism) drove the main conflicts in the 20th century, including WWII (Yes, Virginia, the Nazis were socialists, hence the name of their party), and, third, that science fiction purports to take place in the real world, and to not know the basics of Econ 101 is like not knowing the basics of astronomy—the smart readers will laugh at you if you make a blooper. ” – John C. Wright

“How important is the presence of realistic economics in science fiction?
A. Very important
B. Somewhat important
C. Not at all important
D. Ummm… what are ecopneumoics?
E. If you worry about this, go upstairs, exit the basement!”
– Trent
[Now he has suggestions! – John]

“I could not decide between “somewhat” and “not at all” when I realized that I like star Trek and they seem to have done away with money in that future.” – Kristen

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