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Quick Thoughts on Doctor Who, Season 2 Finale

I know we are behind the UK on this one, but the U.S. only aired the season 2 finale of Doctor Who this week with the episodes “Army of Ghosts” and “Doomsday“. Here are my quick thoughts…


It rocked. The story was solid and offered several surprises. In the true spirit space opera there was action out the wazoo. They even managed to combine past storylines. Well done.


What’s not to like when you combine the double threat of Cybermen and Daleks? One of them alone would have been enough to fill up a single show. I guess for the two part finale they felt they needed two threats. It worked quite well. Even though I guessed that the Daleks were in the Void ship, I still got tingles on the reveal.

I loved the way they were able to combine past story elements (the past Cybermen and Dalek episodes.) It was a hoot to see Mickey again; I was thought it was too bad when they closed him off in the other Cybermen universe. It was cool that Rose’s mom hooked up with the father from the other universe. Rose leaving was a bummer even though it was well publicized. Was the “this is the story of how I died” intro misleading since she didn’t? It looks like the Doctor will have to train someone all over again. The bride with the ‘tude? Apparently not!

I had missed a couple of episodes this season and my daughter did too. We had a new tradition of Doctor Who Fridays and some of the episodes were a little too scary for her. I watched the finale alone and again with her. She loved it too. When it was over she said “I love Doctor Who!” And the geek baton has officially been passed.

Overall then, it was very, very entertaining in the pulpy, cheap way that only Doctor Who can manage. I very much look forward to season three. I liked the Torchwood aspect of the story and look forward to that spinoff as well.

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7 Comments on Quick Thoughts on Doctor Who, Season 2 Finale

  1. Jeff Patterson // December 26, 2006 at 7:12 am //

    Unfortunately Torchwood hasn’t been nearly as much fun.

    Watched Runaway Bride last night. It…uh… fell off a truck onto my hard drive. Much fun. I’ve noticed that this is the second christmas Who special in a row that amps up the silly factor moreso than the regular episodes.

  2. The 2 part season finale was great. Daleks vs Cybermen is such wonderful fan-boy material.

    And some great lines. My favorite:

    “Five Million Cybermen, no problem. One Doctor, now you’re scared.” – Rose

    Although the Dalek & Cyberman bickering in the hallway was pretty amusing.

  3. I loved this 2 parter. I thought it was a classic that the Doctor never got to tell Rose that he loved her.

    The “trash talking” between the Daleks and Cybermen were classic Dr. Who moments. Can’t wait for the new season.

    Does anyone know if Torchwood is going to be shown in the US?

  4. Jeff Patterson // December 26, 2006 at 8:54 am //

    I believe SciFi and BBC America are both trying to get Torchwood.

    Quite frankly, it will require a LOT of editing to air on SciFi. Many acts of sex and dirty words, y’know.

  5. Richard Novak // December 26, 2006 at 12:49 pm //

    All in all. an excellent finale. The intro was a curveball. I’d run across the bit about Rose being sucked into the void, though with the ‘defender of Earth’ talk, figured she got out somehow.

    Pete’s snatching her to safety was great. Someone saved the day when the Doctor couldn’t.


  6. it was brill best in mounths

  7. Anonymous // May 6, 2008 at 7:48 am //

    doctor who is great i try and watch every saturday

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