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SF Tidbits for 12/7/06

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  1. I just picked up The Road this past weekend and due to some travel/work fatigue I haven’t made it too far into the text yet. However, I can see that I do not and that I will not agree with Crawford Kilian’s review already. How would I know this after just reading the first chapters? He quotes a paragraph and then proceeds to lambast it. “The blackness he woke to on those nights was sightless and impenetrable. A blackness to hurt your ears with listening.” I’ll tell you this, those two sentences were worth my $24, right there, that’s it, I’m happy with my purchase. That is pure McCarthy and I love it.

    However, that’s not the reason I dislike the review. I don’t like the characterization that anytime a fiction writer does a work in another genre it makes them a tourist. I reject that premise. Hopefully reader’s of the criticism will also note that it is Kilian that describes Science Fiction as a Third World genre and not the authors he denotes as tourists. If Kilian would have stated that McCarthy doesn’t do Science Fiction as well as OSC or Scalzi then he might have some criticism that is worth reading. Maybe.

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  3. Jim Shannon // December 8, 2006 at 3:04 pm //

    Will Wheaton has been on G4

    ATOS a few times before. He’s

    a real geek.

  4. You once linked to an article of mine on X-Wing fighters. I have another on Spiderman:



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